A ‘huge’ thanks goes out to the team at MTS who worked against all the elements, ensuring the finish of this new build, not only looks spectacular but it is keeping with the geographic location. Couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Using original granite from a 1920s folly situated on the coast of the Jersey shoreline, Le Petit Fort is unusual in the way it protects itself from the surrounding landscape.

The 472 square metre, three-storey house has a low roof covered in tough corten steel and set behind granite walls. The hidden home leaves Kevin baffled as he wanders around unable to see out of the windows – it’s only when he sits down that he notices the unobstructed views of the thrashing sea.

‘This is a house for sitting down in. I call that a treat actually,’ he comments of the fortress, which was built from 90 tonnes of Jersey stone.

Inside its walls there is an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, five bedrooms, a media room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, snug, a spiral staircase and a study on the third floor which looks out to the coast.

Architect Anthony Hudson explains how he came up with the concept: ‘You wouldn’t normally build something like this right next to the sea because you would want to see the sea.

‘But it’s just a fantastic enclosure protecting you from the westerly gales. It’s all about the defence protecting you from the rain and the weather and referring to the history of the defence of Jersey.’

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