Re-pointing is no job for an amateur. Even the most keen DIYer will find problems aplenty along the way. Stone and brick work is a specialist skill, especially when it comes to period properties. Over time, buildings become prone to wear and tear and they do need preservation to retain their structural integrity.

What is Lime Pointing?

Lime pointing differs from traditional pointing in that lime mortar is used instead of cement.

At Matthew Thebault Stonemasons Limited, we mix the lime based mortar together and use it to fill any gaps between the stones in the home, chimney, or exterior walls. The lime mortar is inserted into the cavities and left to set and seal up any gaps.The application requires meticulous control within the drying process and special consideration has to be given to the weather conditions and temperature.

Getting tothe point

Why is Lime the best option?

Lime mortar has a much softer look that cement and when applied, it moulds itself into each cavity with ease.

This softness also means that the lime mortar is more porous which helps hydrate and control moisture levels in the stone structures, allowing easier evaporation and reducing chances of damp.

Other benefits of lime pointing is that it’s far healthier for your stone structures allowing the building to breath. The softer material lets your home move freely without worrying about cracks or erosion and of course aesthetically, it looks amazing!